Snorkeling Wetlands & Flamingos At Galapagos Islands in Isabela Island with Tintorera Islet

Get to know the stunningly beautiful island of Isabela with all the species it is famous for in only one daytrip during your visit to Galapagos.

You will see the Galapagos penguins, the blue-footed boobies, the flamingos, the whitetip reef sharks, marine iguanas, sea turtles, rays, pelicans, sea lions and much more as well as Galapagos’ most beautiful coconut palm beach along which the cute little town of Puerto Villamil is built.

Galapagos’s Isabela Island offers the perfect combination of land and water

During the snorkel adventure you will get to know the abundant wildlife underwater, while the disembarkation on Tinterera Islet as well as the tour to the Flamingo Lagoon and the Wetlands allows you to observe all the land species from as close as possible.


The tour includes a very good lunch menu in one of the best ocean front restaurants with a stunning view.

You will be provided with high quality snorkel equipment and wetsuits and a comfortable speedboat (public!) will take you to Isabela Island and back.