Galapagos-Islands-snorkeling-Palmitas Bay

An amazing Galapagos Islands day trip of snorkeling and fishing on Pinzón Island and La Fé/Palmitas Bay

This day tour takes you snorkeling at two of the most spectacular locations in Galapagos where you can experience a variety of underwater excitement, including sharks, sea turtles, rays, sea lions and marine iguanas.

You’ll also get the chance to disembark the boat at La Fé Bay or Las Palmitas Bay for a discovery walk through mangroves and past prickly pair cactus and candelabra cactus to see Darwin finches, mockingbirds, pelicans, lava herons and blue-footed boobies.

This Galapagos adventure lets you snorkel in an incredible underwater world.

And there’s more!

Doing a discovery walk for nearly 60 minutes with your naturalist guide, along different species of mangroves as well as prickly pair cactus and candelabra cactus.


Observe a big colony of big marine iguanas, sally lightfoot crabs, sea lions, darwin finches, mockingbirds, pelicans, lava herons as well as the famous blue-footed boobies fishing or resting on the rocks.

Relax on this Galapagos adventure

You will also get the opportunity to do some fishing from the boat, the most common catch is the big yellowfin tuna.

Freshly prepared (hot) lunch / fresh ceviche will be served on board.